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2015/2016 Student Health Insurance

Santa Clara University requires all degree seeking students enrolled at least half time in their school or college to have health insurance (excluding certificate and online programs). This requirement helps to protect against unexpected high medical cost and provides access to quality health care.

Student may purchase the university sponsored Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, but are not required to if they can provide proof of other insurance coverage comparable to the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan as outlined in the benefit and waiver requirements below. Students with comparable health insurance must complete the Online Waiver Form with their own insurance information prior to the waiver deadline date.
  • Students who do not complete the online waiver form prior to their tuition billing will be charged the annual health insurance premium to their student account.
  • If an online waiver form is submitted and approved after health insurance has been billed, but prior to the established waiver deadline date as shown below, the health insurance premium charge will be reversed from their student account within 3 business days of waiver submission.
  • All health insurance charges on a student's account after the established  waiver deadline date will not be reversed and are responsibility of the student.

Attention: F-1 Visa International Students. 

In order to ensure all F-1 visa students are covered by a plan which meets or exceeds the 2015-2016 Student Health Insurance Plan, beginning with the 2015/2016 academic year, F-1 visa students are not eligible to waive Santa Clara University's (SCU) Student Health Insurance Plan. Students will be automatically enrolled into the university sponsored  Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan and charged $2,805.00 for the annual insurance premium. However, if you are insured through a health insurance plan underwritten by a U.S. based insurance company with coverage that meets or exceeds the SCU Student Health Insurance Plan you may comlete a special International Student Insurance Exemption Form. Your health insurance plan must be effective for the entire time you are enrolled student at SCU. The completed exemption form will require a copy of your current health insurance ID card as well as a summary of your current plan's benefits in English.

Your insurance coverage and benefits will be verified by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk, to ensure they meet all of SCU's requirements as outlined below. If it is determined that the insurance information provided on the exemption form does not meet the requirements your request will be denied and you will remain enrolled and charged for the Aetna Insurance Plan. If it is determined that your plan meets the requirements the insurance charge will be reversed from your student account. No exemption forms will be accepted after the deadline date of September 25, 2015. The decision of Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk is final.

If you feel your health insurance meets all of the waiver, benefit and exemption form requirements outlined below, please contact Patricia Sandvick at or by phone at 408-554-2379 to obtain an International Student Insurance Exemption Form.  

Returning SCU Students Fall 2015 Click here to complete waiver or enroll in Aetna Plan. 

New Incoming SCU Students Fall 2015 Waiver will be available in early July 2015. 





The following types of insurance plans/programs are not acceptable and will not be considered:

  • Insurance plans that are called Travel Insurance do not provide acceptable coverage and may not be used for insurance coverage while at SCU.
  • Short Term Medical Plans that are available to purchase on a weekly or monthly basis are not acceptable coverage and may not be used at SCU. 
  • Socialized medicine policies, including Canadian policies are not acceptable as insurance coverage while at SCU. 
  • International insurance plans that are underwritten in a country outside of the United States are not acceptable as insurance coverage while at SCU. 
  • California Medi-Cal health plans that do not have assigned benefit coverage in Santa Clara County. Your Medi-Cal must have assigned benefits in Santa Clara County.
  • Out of state Medicaid insurance does not cover students in California and thus is not eligible coverage to complete the Waiver or International Exemption Form.
Additionally, your health insurance plan must include the following benefits/services:
  • Health insurance plans must provide unlimited benefits for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.
  • Health insurance policy must provide unlimited lifetime maximum coverage. Benefits cannot have a specific maximum amount.
  • Pre-existing conditions must be covered with no waiting period.
  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for inpatient and outpatient hospitalization in Santa Clara County, CA.
  • Health insurance plans must provide access to local doctors, specialist, hospitals and other health care providers in emergency and non-emergency situations in Santa Clara County, CA.
  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for lab work, diagnostic x-rays, emergency room treatment, ambulance services and prescription coverage in Santa Clara County, CA.
  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health.
  • Health insurance plans must be underwritten by a U.S. based insurance company.



Students having SCU's Aetna Insurance Plan:

>>Find an Aetna Preferred Provider

>>Steps to download an Insurance ID Card on Your Smartphone  

2. Log into your student account using your SCU. email address as the username and your SCU Student ID# as your password. 
3. Go to 'Quick Links' near the top of your screen 
4. Under My Account, go to 'Account Home'
5. Go to 'Generate ID Card.' Show this card to providers during your visit and you should be all set!

>>Print an Insurance ID Card 

2. Log into your student account using your SCU email address as the username and your SCU Student ID# as your password. 
3. Under My Account, click on 'Account Home' ;
4. Click the green 'Generate ID Card' link. 
5. Print this page and show the card to providers during your visit and you should be all set!

 Link for all Aetna Insurance needs  

On this site you can:

  • Download a plan brochure or Frequently Asked Questions
  • Submit an enrollment or waiver form
  • Enroll eligible dependents
  • Learn more about discounts and wellness services available to you
  • Email Gallagher Student or engage in live chat using the "Live Help" icon and more.......

Dental Options
1.Delta Dental Care HMO :
Check back for 2015/2016 enrollment information.

2. Security Life PPO Dental:
Annual Rate requires you to complete quote form online in order to know the premium.


Aetna Additional Benefits
In addition to the robust medical benefits offered in the Aetna plan, students automatically receive dental, vision and wellness benefits through Gallagher Student Complements. What is Gallagher Student Complements and how does it work? Here's a quick summary on how you can make the most of this program:

Basix Dental Savings Program
The Basix Dental Savings Program is a discount program that can save students up to 50% of the dentist's billed charges. Basix works closely with the school to identify top local dentists and negotiate reduced rates for common procedures in exchange for mo re potential customers. The result? Students gain access to convenient and affordable dental care for a fraction of the cost. It is important to understand that Basix is not dental insurance. It simply pools the purchasing power of thousands of students to obtain better rates for dental services. For more information about how the program works, lists of dental providers and the fees they accept, visit . 

EyeMed Vision Care
Similar to the Basix Dental Savings Plan, EyeMed Vision Care is a discount vision program that offers savings with some of the nation's top vision providers and retailers including LensCrafters, Target, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical and JCPenney Optical. Th is is not an insurance plan and there is no waiting period. Once you receive a separate EyeMed vision plan ID card in the mail, you can take advantage of the savings immediately upon receipt. Prescription eyeglasses, conventional contact lenses or even non - prescription sunglasses can be purchased at savings between 15% and 45% off regular retail pricing. In addition, discounts from 5% to 15% can be received for laser correction surgery at some of the nation's most highly qualified laser correction surgeons. Visit for additional plan information or to locate a provider. 

Developing healthy, life - changing habits can be tough. To support your overall health education and wellness endeavors, the student health plan includes CampusFit, an interactive website with helpful tips from registered dieticians and certified fitness instructors. You can download dozens of professionally produced fitness routines to jumpstart your wor kout and measure your current fitness level against recognized standards. Visit to get started