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There are many ways to get involved in sustainability. From learning more about sustainable living, to developing policies, to helping the University reduce our carbon footprint, to peer education, each of us has an important part to play. See below for suggestions on how you can contribute to a more sustainable SCU.


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Liaisons are peer educators for sustainability and experts on how sustainability interplays with their respective groups.

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What You Can Do

Everyday tips for actions you can do to support sustainable lifestyles.



Sustainability is not just about "going green," it's beyond that. Read about frequently asked questions about sustainability. 

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Calendar of Events

Check out what kind of sustainability activities are happening on and off campus and choose the ones to attend!


Monthly Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with the monthly "Sustainability Update" which includes news and events at SCU.

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SCU's approach

Discover the ways that SCU is unique in its approach to sustainability.
Take Action: Sustainable Investments
Take Action: Sustainable Investments

Tips in regards to personal finances and investments. REDUCE total unsustainable investments | REUSE President Obama's mindset | Buy only RECYCLED clothing | Think about what you want to RESPECT

Take Action: Air Travel
Take Action: Air Travel

Sustainable summer fun is much closer than you think! REDUCE: air mileage | REUSE: time for hobbies | RECYCLE: bookstore support | RESPECT: our collective health

Take Action: Hosting a "green" party
Take Action: Hosting a "green" party

Tips to take action in regards to hosting to sustainable summer parties! REDUCE single use containers | REUSE kegs and cups | Look for RECYCLABLE packaging | build community and encourage RESPECT

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