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Friday, Jan. 11, 2013

The Environmental Studies and Sciences Department is offering a new course this quarter called “Past, Present, and Future: Water Resources” (ENVS 160) taught by Professor Iris Stewart-Frey.

Water is a critical natural resource and is at the core of myriad environmental issues. Students with interest in ecology will learn about water resource management, which involves ensuring access and availability of water, especially water that is safe to drink and use by exploring and learning about wetlands, stream restoration, and water resources for both human and ecosystem needs.

Students will conduct case studies at the global level, covering important topics such as the Amazonian watershed, and at the local level, studying the San Francisco Bay Delta and Lake Tahoe. They will also engage in field studies and several labs that will provide context for critical thinking of water resources, in the past, the present, and the future.

For more information about ENVS 160: Water Resources, please contact Professor Iris Stewart-Frey at

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