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 What Can I Do?

Posted on Friday, May. 4, 2012

Reduce: Try exercising outdoors this month to reduce the amount of energy you consume at the gym. If you exercise outside, then you won't use electricity that would otherwise power the gym, television sets and radios, and workout machines.

Reuse: Are you planning on having some springtime fun with a BBQ? Instead of having your friends eat off disposable plates and utensils, give them plates that you can reuse again. Additionally, instead of serving canned drinks, try making punch that can be served in a bowl. Together, the two will help reduce the amount of plastic and aluminum that becomes waste.

Recycle: S'mores by the campfire can be fun, but make sure to recycle all the packaging associated with the food and leave your campsite looking pretty.

Respect: Going camping, hiking, or just taking a stroll in the park? Respect the earth and those around you by trying to leave as little trace of your activities as possible.

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