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 What Can I Do?

Posted on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011

Reduce: The amount of spending on Halloween! Americans spend around $6 billion on Halloween! Try and use what you already have at home or in your dorm room to decorate and dress up. Get creative and save some money!

Reuse: 6,250. The amount of landfill waste (in TONS!) that could be avoided if half the kids in America traded Halloween costumes instead of buying new ones. That is equivalent to 1,250 full-size trucks! Borrow costumes on National Costume Swap Day (October 8th). Ask friends to participate with you or visit National Costume Swap Day find an in-person or online swap event.

Recycle: Recycle your Halloween Costumes at Thrift Stores around Santa Clara!

Respect: Respect your community by throwing away or recycling your waste in the appropriate manner. Help keep your neighborhood clean and welcoming.

Tags: Take Action, Waste Diversion