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Past Workshops

  • campustour_LC_LC060212Campus Sustainability Tour

    Spring 2012
    Description: This hour-long walking tour highlighted everything from Bon Appetit’s local and sustainable food justice purchasing to the largest rooftop concentrating solar thermal installation built to date in California, as well as cardio. equipment that operates on self-generated energy, meaning the machines are "Powered by Sweat." The fun tour was hosted in the end of May and was a wonderful way to enjoy the great weather and learn more about the impressive advances Santa Clara has made on campus toward its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by the end of 2015.
  • SCUGardenImage140x140_flickr_ASM52112Faculty and Staff Outdoor HR Workshop at Rancho San Antonio

    Spring 2012
    Description: On April 18th the Office of Sustainability worked with Human Resources to put on the first ever off-campus workshop and hike. The workshop was open to all faculty and staff on campus as well as their families and was held at Ranco San Antonio country park and open space preserve. Participants enjoyed the outdoors, met other SCU employees, had time to reflect, and even made their own trail mix!

  • veggiesCanning Basics Workshop

    Summer 2011
    Interested in learning the basics of canning and preserving? Need something to do with the extra goodies from your garden? Join the Human Resources Department and the Office of Sustainability in their summer workshop!

    Here are some helpful resources:

  • moiso basketRepurposing Workshop

    Spring 2011

    Description: Come learn about the lost art of repurposing! Repurposing is taking something old or no longer useful to you and using it in a new and different way.

    Learn how to save your money and save the environment by cleverly turning mundane household items into exciting new things. Spotlight on the unique re-purposing projects of Campus Ministry's Aimee Moiso.

  • ornament recycle symbolSustainable Holiday Workshop

    Fall 2010
    Description: Building upon the 2009 holiday workshop, the Office of Sustainability shared new ideas for sustainable holiday decorations, gift wrapping, and gifts. The following are some ideas shared at the workshop:
    Gift wrapping ideas:

    • Give your gift in a reusable bag or stocking
    • Decorate/personalize paper bags or old shoe boxes (make sure to write “reuse me” somewhere on it, or attach our handy stickers!)
    • Use fabric and ribbons to wrap.
    Gift ideas
    • Take someone's wish list and find it at a thrift store or make it yourself
    • Give time (do something fun) instead of something material
    • is a great site for handmade or vintage gifts. Or peruse the site to get your own craft ideas!
    Alternative gift ideas
    Decorating ideas
    • String together popcorn, cranberries, or clothespin holiday cards on a string to create your own garland
    • LED lights
    • Paint old light bulbs and wrap wire around the top to make your own ornaments
    • Recycle your tree. Look up a recycling place at
  • SOAPSustainable Office Award Program (SOAP) Kick Off

    Fall 2010

    Description: This workshop showcased the Office of Sustainability’s newest program for faculty and staff: the Sustainable Office Award Program (SOAP). Whether you’ve already taken the initiative to make your office environment more sustainable or you would like to learn more about how to do so, the SOAP program is an excellent way to collaborate, learn, and have your efforts formally recognized by the University through a departmental award. During this “kick off” event, we introduced the program, offered ideas and suggestions for how to begin the process in your department, and sent participants home with a small starter packet to get them started.

  • foodHealthy Food for a Healthy Planet

    Spring 2010

    Description: The “Healthy Food for a Healthy Planet” workshop focused on how to pick, buy, prepare, and enjoy seasonal vegetables including how to compost afterward. The main presentation included an overview of the importance of buying vegetables that are local, seasonal, and organic. Master Composter Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner then gave the room a brief presentation on how worms can be used to compost food waste, followed by a presentation from a representative from Santa Clara University's Bronco Urban Garden. Faculty and staff who attended this workshop not only shared ideas on how to cook different seasonal vegetables, but also participated in a “Veggie-Dish Competition.” Participants brought in their own favorite vegetable recipes, and a kitchen composting pale was given away to the first place winner!

  • potSanta’s Sustainable Holiday Workshop

    Fall 2009
    Description: In lieu of dreaming of a White Christmas, staff and faculty learned how to have a green one at this fall workshop! The workshop was designed not only to be educational and informative, but was also a fun party with food and decorations! During this event the Office of Sustainability started its first potluck competition, which has since been popularly requested at following workshops. Participants were challenged to bring their favorite holiday food dish, but were given extra points for making it more sustainable (i.e. using local, seasonal, and organic ingredients). The workshop also included tips on more sustainable gift-wrapping options, “green gift” ideas, and sustainable entertaining suggestions.