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Graduation Pledge

Seniors: join your classmates in a pledge to consider the social and environmental consequences of your careers. By taking the SCU Graduation Pledge, you define for yourself what it means to be socially and environmentally responsible. The Grad Pledge is part of the Graduation Pledge Alliance, a global community of conscientious graduates. There is not obligation to turn down jobs... the graduation pledge is simply a way for you to ensure that your job represents more than a paycheck.

Members of previous classes and their future plans: (See more photos...)

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Join them! Take the Graduation Pledge.

Organizations in support of the Graduation Pledge at SCU
Alumni Association
Career Center
Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences
Office of the Provost
Sustainable Business Studies Club
Student Sustainability Convergence
Net Impact


Job Resources

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  • iconWhat does my job have to do with sustainability?

    If you’ve got a job lined up in a field like accounting, finance, education, or anything else that seems completely unrelated to the social and environmental values the Graduation Pledge encourages you to consider, think again. The Grad Pledge has something for all college graduates. Here are some reasons why:

    • Social entrepreneurship is a growing trend, and many companies, big and small, are making an effort to ensure that their practices do not interfere with social justice or the environment. Most companies will have a corporate responsibility statement on their website
    • Even actions as simple as supporting a sustainable paper recycling program or a company-designated charity can be in solidarity with the Grad Pledge.
    • The Pledge lets you define social and environmental responsibility for yourself and is therefore designed just for you to think about what these values mean to you.
    By signing the Graduation Pledge, you are saying that you’ll take the values of SCU   with you into the working world and keep the earth and all of its inhabitants in mind as you make your living.
  • iconHow to make a change

    If you feel your career could be more socially or environmentally responsible, here are some resources to help you make that change:

    • Tools of Change:offers case studies, tools, and other resources to help promote comprehensively sustainable practices

    • Complete Guide to Ethics Management - An Ethics Toolkit for Managers: A guide about how to promote business ethics

    • Social Edge: A network for social entrepreneurs with inspiration for improving the social aspects of your future career

    • Starting Bloc: A four-day workshop and extended membership for young professionals interested in promoting corporate social innovation

    • News about all kinds of sustainable businesses and tips for how to promote sustainability in your own>