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Santa Clara 2020 - Integrated Strategic Plan


Santa Clara 2020: History and Development of the Integrated Strategic Plan

Santa Clara 2020, the University's integrated strategic plan, is the product of almost a decade of planning and consultation at all levels of the University. The plan integrates Santa Clara's enrollment, facilities, and strategic aspirations in an unparalleled fashion, honoring the University's historical mission while building upon its current strengths and emerging opportunities.

Evolution of the Planning Process

Mid-2014 through Late 2014

Refining the Santa Clara 2020 Plan

Faculty and staff discuss critical components and develop elaborated descriptions that include the following brief sections:

The President consults with advisors who evaluate each component based on philanthropic feasibility, realistic aspirations, necessity, value proposition, and institutional reputation.


Early 2014

State of the University Address

President Michael Engh, S.J., announces Santa Clara 2020—the University's Integrated Strategic Plan and launches a new series of campus-wide conversations to set SCU's course for the 21st century.


Late 2013 through Early 2014

Moving Forward the Santa Clara 2020 Plan


Integration of Strategic, Enrollment, and Facilities Master Plans



Early 2013

Refinement of Strategic Goals and Development of Objectives

Fifty faculty and staff serving on six advisory committees, one for each goal, propose a set of compelling, concrete, and realistic objectives to advance the University, along with quantifiable metrics to support each of the working goals. The Provost's Office and administrative leaders identify resources required to achieve the critical components associated with each working goal and proposed objective.



Emergence of Six Strategic Goals

Early 2011

Board of Trustees Approves Strategic Plan 2011

After each of the five Strategic Priorities is supplemented with a proposed set of initiatives and metrics, the Board of Trustees approves the Strategic Plan 2011.




Convergence of Planning Processes


Definition of the Strategic Priorities

Inspired by the Future Directions conversations, the University articulates five Strategic Priorities undergirding a strategic vision:



Early Inspiration for the Strategic Priorities

President Paul Locatelli, S.J., convenes Future Directions, a series of conversations to engage the entire University in exploring ways to “enhance the quality and distinctiveness of Santa Clara and its Jesuit educational mission and provide greater clarity and advancement of the strategic initiative of integrated education.”