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Future Plans for NASA and US Space Exploration – taught by Andy Gonzales
The United States' brief visits to the moon during the Apollo project from July of 1969 until December of 1972 sent humans on a tentative path into the solar system for the next great series of exploration. After Apollo NASA has been busy building a space station and while we may not be returning to the moon in the near future, NASA is currently preparing to re-extend the reach of the United States beyond Earth orbit and to conduct extended space exploration. The moon, asteroids, and deep space operations (at LaGrange points) will all be possible destinations. We won't be using the US Space Shuttle much longer, but will instead rely on our Russian partners and eventually US Commercial providers for transportation. We will develop new technologies to help us explore. Come join Andy Gonzales, a Senior Systems Engineer at NASA, who helps to develop mission concepts for future exploration of the moon, Mars, and the outer plants of the solar system. Andy will summarize the accomplishments of the past space exploration, and give a preview of some of the current plans of the direction of the future space probes. Andy will also share up close photos and videos from his recent viewing of a night time Space Shuttle launch. Come and discuss the latest concepts in the direction of space exploration!
Date: Saturday, Apr. 10
Location: Casa Italiana Bldg. #602, Rm. 7
Time: 10:00 am-3:00 pm
Cost: $30
(Lunch break from 12:00 pm-1:00 pm*)
*Optional lunch: To reserve a lunch please check off the appropriate box on the class registration form. You must reserve in advance. Please feel free to bring your own lunch and join the party for no additional cost.

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