Intern Profiles



Emily Campi

Morgan Autism Center
Major: Biology & Psychology
Graduating Class: 2015

"I am a Santa Clara native, I have done some work with children on the autism spectrum, and I am so excited to get to know the adult population at Morgan Autism Center this year! The community at Morgan Center is so full of love and positivity, and I can't wait to get to know the staff and clients and learn about their experiences. I hope to use the knowledge and skills I gain from this experience to shape a career as an occupational therapist."



Erica Hooton

InnVision Shelter Network - Julian Street Inn
Major: Child Studies
Graduating Class: 2015

"After four Arrupe placements, I was motivated to apply for the Arrupe internship in order to have a deeper, more meaningful connection with a local non-profit organization. I am most excited to work at Julian Street Inn because I am able to gain exposure to the homeless and mentally ill population that live within Santa Clara County. The internship will be an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience since I am interested in getting my Masters in Social Work after graduating from Santa Clara."



Katy Jacobs

Alma Senior Center
Major: Anthropology & Public Health
Graduating Class: 2015

"I applied for the Arrupe internship because I believe that getting involved in a community outside of SCU is an important aspect of my education. Reaching out and learning about the surrounding community has always been a personal goal, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work in such an open and diverse atmosphere. Alma Senior Center is an engaging environment, and I am glad to be a part of it's mission to provide seniors with nutritious and affordable meals."



Sarah Madden

Ocala Middle School
Majors: Economics
Graduating Class: 2015

"I am a native New Yorker who has found her second home in Northern California, especially among the community surrounding campus. After several other community-based internships in San Jose and other areas of the Bay Area, I wanted to continue working learning about San Jose and the public school system in the United States. I applied for the Arrupe internship program because I love San Jose and I love being involved in the community. San Jose is so diverse and full of new experiences -- I love that I don't have to go far to learn and meet new people. I am so excited to be at Ocala Middle School because I believe education is the building block of a society, and greatly influence the type of economic markets, and can lead to greater equality. I am eager to better understand the public education system in an urban setting, and hopefully make meaningful and lasting relationships with the students, and be a role model, a resource, and an outlet for the students of Ocala Middle School!"



Marlena Orthlieb

Sacred Heart Community Service
Majors: Biology & Public Health
Graduating Class: 2015

"I am really excited to be an Arrupe Intern this year and to partner with a local non-profit organization for a deeper connection and involvement. I firmly believe that the wellness of an individual is a complex relationship between an individual's physical well-being, community, culture and values. Because of this, I am thrilled to be working with Sacred Heart Community Service and to be experiencing all that they do to improve the lives, self efficacy, education, resource availability, social support and community togetherness of their clients. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to see how change in our community is achieved, and to be a part of that change."


Past Interns


Vanessa Bell

Sacred Heart Community Service
Major: Sociology
Minors: International Business & Spanish
Hometown: Solvang, CA
Graduating Class: 2014

“I am excited to be working at Sacred Heart Community Service, where I am learning how the non-profit mobilizes local volunteers to help ameliorate poverty by fostering self-sufficiency. I have some prior experience at the Welcome Center and the La Mesa Verde urban gardening program at Sacred Heart, so I am looking forward to learning even more about the organization this year.”


Kathryn Luna

Santa Clara Adult Education - Skill Plus
Major: Sociology
Minor: Communication
Hometown: Windsor, CA
Graduating Class: 2015

“I have always loved being actively involved in my community. I am interning at Skills Plus because being interested in the medical field and education, Skills Plus provides a unique experience to engage with stroke survivors and other physically disabled adults whom I would normally not have the opportunity to work with. I am most excited to continue to expand my sense of community and knowledge outside of a classroom setting through hands-on interaction.”


Amia Nash

Young Life Capernaum
Major: Public Health Science
Minors: Sociology and Religious Studies
Hometown: Edmonds, WA
Graduating Class: 2015

“I am excited to be an Arrupe intern and have the opportunity to work with a partnership in our community and learn from others' experiences. The core of Young Life Capernaum is the dedication to improving the quality of life for people with physical and developmental disabilities. I am looking forward to building fulfilling friendships, participating in fun activities, and exploring the Christian faith with young people in our community.”


Celia Trujillo

InnVision Shelter Network - Julian Street Inn
Majors:  Religious Studies & Sociology
Hometown:  Greenfield, CA
Graduating Class: 2014

“After learning about marginalized populations through my immersion trip to New Orleans, I have become interested in exploring issues of Social Justice.  For this reason, I am excited to be learning with the clients at Julian Street Inn about the different resources that are available for them.”



Estrella Family Services

Estrella Family Services
Community Partner

In 20 years, Estrella has co-educated more than 1,300 SCU students. Faculty in nearly 15 different academic disciplines, such as anthropology, business, education, history, and political science, have gained engaging community-based experiences for their courses. Read More