Faith, Justice, and the Intellectual Life

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Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship


The Jean Donovan Summer Fellowship is designed to encourage and support undergraduate students who desire to deepen their understanding of social justice issues through a summer community-based learning experience of 5-7 weeks.
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The New York Times

Mick McCarthy, S

A Jesuit Inspiration

I still believe that an education not grounded in justice is a farce and that we desperately need wise, courageous, even heroic academic leaders to realize the highest purposes of education.
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The Chronicle of Higher Education

A University Is a Social Force

When the president of a university is dragged from his bed in the middle of the night and shot point-blank in his garden by an elite squad of the national military, we must pause to ask why.
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In the Spotlight


On this the 25th Anniversary of the Jesuit assassinations in El Salvador, we remember our fallen Jesuit brothers and fellow educators by celebrating their legacy to keep alive their memory and our hope. Read More.


Thriving Neighbors Initiative
Santa Clara University's Thriving Neighbors Initiative works to build strong ties between the University and Greater Washington area with the goal of expanding educational choice and improving pathways to prosperity. Read more.