Santa Clara University

University Governance

Planning Action Council


The general purpose of the Planning Action Council is to promote, coordinate, and oversee planning at the University level. It will attempt to link the University's programs and services with its mission, markets, and resources. In meeting the challenges of external as well as the internal environment, it will strive to display and foster strategic thinking, timely action, effective implementation, and adequate communication.


The Planning Action Council will
1. Oversee the development and revision of the University's Strategic Plan and work to advance its initiatives.
2. Oversee and monitor the plans of major academic and administrative units to implement the University Strategic Plan.
3. Coordinate the work of other groups involved in planning and integrate their products into a coherent set of action plans.
4. Identify strategic issues and options through ongoing analysis of the University's internal strengths and weaknesses in relation to its external opportunities and threats.
5. Prepare and periodically update planning assumptions to guide planning.
6. Ascertain the need for outside planning expertise and retain consultants as appropriate.
7. Promote continuous assessment and benchmarking of planning efforts.
8. Ensure adequate communication about planning issues and processes with the University community.

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