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Faculty Judicial Board


The Faculty Judicial Board shall conduct a formal hearing upon request of the Grievance Committee; request of a faculty member who alleges violation of academic freedom in denial of tenure, promotion, or reappointment; in cases of sanctions for misconduct, dismissal for cause, alleged misconduct in research, termination based on financial exigency or change in educational program; request of a faculty member appealing from a decision rendered pursuant to the Policy on Unlawful Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination; request of a faculty member claiming unlawful discrimination in the denial of tenure or promotion; request of the Provost.
Faculty Handbook


  • Arts and Humanities: Kathleen Maxwell, Art and Art History 2015; Catherine Murphy, Religious Studies 2016
  • Natural Sciences and Social Sciences: Leslie Gray, Environmental Studies and Sciences; Janice Edgerly-Rooks, Biology 2016
  • Business: Helen Popper, Economics 2015; Stephen Smith, OMIS 2016
  • Engineering: Terry Shoup, Mechanical Engineering 2015; Drazen Fabris, Mechanical Engineering 2016
  • Law: Kenneth Manaster 2015; Ellen Kreitzberg 2016
  • School of Education and Counseling Psychology: Sara Garcia, Education 2016
  • Jesuit School of Theology:  Thomas Cattoi 2015

The faculty of the Schools of Business, Engineering, and Law shall each elect to the Faculty Judicial Board two representatives from among their tenured members. The College of Arts & Sciences shall elect four representatives: two from the departments offering the Bachelor of Arts degree and two from the departments offering the Bachelor of Science degree. The term of office is three calendar years and shall be staggered to ensure continuity. No member shall serve two consecutive terms, except that a member hearing a pending matter shall continue to hear and participate in the resolution of that grievance.


Minutes are not available.
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