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Media Mentions

A selection of articles, op-eds, TV segments, and other media featuring Center staff.



A New Way to Learn

In an article for The Sookmyung Times, the Ethics Center's Keith Yocam is interviewed about the growing popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at Santa Clara University, Korea and other universities worldwide.

“6000 students from all around the world and at least students from 65 countries are participating now,” said Yocam about the SCU online courses. The Center currently offers two Business Ethics MOOCs: Business Ethics for the Real World, and Ethics for Managers. As of today, students from 119 countries have enrolled in one of the four MOOCs that have been provided by the MCAE. (Photo by SMT)


Developing Indicators of Trust

In an article for AP by Arek Sarkissian, Sally Lehrman comments on the work The Trust Project is doing to restore trust in the media.

"What we hope to do is elevate the quality of journalism that you will see online," Lehrman said. "With all of the fake news you see out there, people didn't know where to turn to. The project will help readers become better informed."

Lehrman also discusses the work of The Trust Project in greater detail in this interview with Watershed Media.

Ivanka Trump

Unfair Competition Allegations

In an article for The Christian Science Monitor, Kirk Hanson comments on a lawsuit filed by a small San Francisco clothing chain against Ivanka Trump's brand.

“There’s no question that the prominence of the Trump family in government creates advantages in the commercial world,” said Hanson. “The Trump brands will generate an unending series of lawsuits over the next four years because the conflict of interest is real and unresolved.”

“To my knowledge, this is the first time a first family has had so many business conflicts of interest in American history,” he added. “We will learn a lot from the next four years, and it may lead to a reassessment of our ethics laws and exemptions we grant for the president and for advisors who don’t hold formal White House jobs.” (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Debate Over Exploring and Inhabiting Mars

Acting Ethically on Mars

In an interview with Madame Mars, Margaret McLean discusses the ethical issues involved in our potential presence on Mars.

"The decisions we make and the actions we take will likely have a larger impact on future human generations and potential Martian life forms than they have on us," McLean said. (AP Photo/NASA/JPL)



 Shinya Tsukamoto plays a Christian martyr in the film version of

Review of Shusaku Endo's Silence

In an article for National Catholic Reporter, Campus Ethics Director David DeCosse reviews the book Silence by Shusaku Endo.

"Who hasn’t thought that God can be agonizingly silent? Silence is a masterpiece of the examination of this reality of the human condition," DeCosse writes.






Transparency Concerns with Snap

In an article for Market Watch by Therese Poletti, Leadership Ethics Director Ann Skeet comments on the ethical red flags for investing in new public companies like Snap.

According to Skeet, some companies have a complex company ownership structures with various classes of stock and limited or no voting rights, and "that lack of transparency is causing some investors to sit on the sidelines.” (Photo credit: AdamPrzezdziek)



The Fight Against Fake News

In an article for American Libraries, Journalism Ethics Director Sally Lehrman comments on how the Trust Indicator her team is working on will help restore trust in the media.

“These icons would be cognitive shortcuts to route readers to more reliable sources of news,” Lehrman notes. The article also indicates that the Trust Indicator should be available for media use by the middle of 2017. (Photo credit: Terry Johnston)


Privacy Ethics

Privacy Ethics

In an article for IAPP, Internet Ethics Director Irina Raicu comments on the challenges of creating a code of ethics for the privacy profession.

“Many times people feel privacy is very important but needs to be balanced against other rights," said Raicu. "It makes it really difficult to develop a code of ethics.”



Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO (AP Photo/Paul Sakluma, File)

Leadership at Uber

In a segment for NBC Bay Area, Leadership Ethics Director Ann Skeet notes Travis Kalanick's willingness to take responsibility for his recent fracas with an Uber driver but suggests that the CEO's behavior may be taking a toll on the company.

"I do think you have to start asking yourself if there isn't broader reputational risk to the company in having this person as their CEO," Skeet said.




Real Estate

The Inside Track?

In an article for Daily Press, Hana Callaghan comments on the circumstances of a real estate acquisition in Victorville, CA, and potential wrongdoing by a local councilman/realtor.

"In situations like this, it raises red flags and it may cause the public to wonder, is he acting in the public's best interest or is he acting in his client's best interest?" said Callaghan. "Is this a case where his client got insider knowledge or an inside track that wasn't available to other potential purchasers of the land?" (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)