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da Vinci RLC

As its name implies, da Vinci RLC reflects the broad interests of the famous Leonardo in everything from art to engineering.

Da Vinci students are connected by a common thread of interest in the natural world, whether they are majoring in science or just have a fascination for the subject. Indeed, da Vinci’s celebration of Italian heritage and culture draws arts, business, and humanities majors as well as science, mathematics, and engineering students. In previous years, student interest has sparked activities such as a trip to a local planetarium, a private “insiders” tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and a series of invited lectures on astrobiology that brought world-renowned scientists to speak on campus. Inside the community, the buzz alternates between science and matters Italian. Italian scientists have lived in the residence as guest scholars, and last year da Vinci students invited the rest of campus to enjoy the pageantry of Calendimaggio, just like it’s celebrated in Assisi. Mangiamo e festeggiamo!

Da Vinci students are encouraged to stay together throughout their four years at Santa Clara. Frequent community events, like the weekly “Atom Blast” social, the da Vinci Café every Tuesday and Thursday, and Prima Notte—“First Night”—in which half of the residents cook dinner for the other half, help new students interact with and learn from upper-level students who themselves have been part of the community for as many as three years.

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