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Communitas RLC

“Communitas-(Latin): 1) joint possession or use, participation, partnership, sharing; 2) social relationship, fellowship, social ties, organized society; 3) kinship; 4) obligingness.” (Oxford Latin Dictionary)

Whether we are forming close group bonds or taking action in the local area, Communitas students are constantly being exposed to—and thriving in—different yet highly interdependent communities: the residence hall, the RLC, University groups, and the diverse San Francisco Bay Area.

Through courses and co-curricular programming alike, you and your fellow Communitas students will explore themes of individualism, community and citizenship. Taking humanities, science, business, and engineering classes with your RLC-mates enhances your education and builds mutual trust. Whether you are the midst of an “Urban Plunge” community-based learning class, planning and participating in social events with your peers, or exploring the many local ways to make a difference, you will constantly be surrounded by friends and mentors who share the experience with you, and make it richer.

Communitas allows, and relies upon, students to shape its theme and activities. First, this means that we strive to be a place “where everyone knows your name,” because knowing your neighbors is essential to working with them. Second, this means that we are varied and flexible in emphasis; no matter what your passion is or who you want to help, Communitas can support you. In Communitas, we treat lending a helping hand as an opportunity to grow as a person, not as a requirement that must be fulfilled. Our motto, “Local action with compassion,” serves as a springboard for the advancement of your ideas, interests, and strengths. Communitas is constantly developing and evolving—come and make your mark!

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