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Locker and Towel Service

Day-Use Lockers (General Locker Room Area & Faculty/Staff Room)

  • Participants may bring their own locks and secure their items for single day-use. Items may only be kept in the day use lockers for the duration of Malley Center business hours.
  • Both locker room areas have day-use lockers for patrons to use.
  • Campus Recreation staff will remove any items left in the day-use lockers after the closing of the facility and store for two weeks.  Items left after two weeks will be donated to a charitable organization.

General Lockers Annual Rental Locker Information

  • A limited number of general lockers are available for rent annually.
  • The sign up for the locker lottery begins mid-August.  To sign up for the locker lottery stop by the Malley Center Front Desk during business hours.
  • All general lockers expire and must be cleared by the first Friday of the fall academic quarter.
  • Locker lottery winners will be notified via email the second Monday of fall quarter and will have one week to purchase their locker. Alternates will be notified if any lockers are remaining by the third Monday of the quarter.
  • There is a nominal fee for use of the locker for the academic year. This fee is pro-rated throughout the year as lockers become available.
    • Annual Locker Rental Rates are:
    • Fall Quarter $60
    • Winter Quarter $45
    • Spring Quarter $35
    • Summer Quarter $25

Faculty/Staff Locker Room Annual Rental Locker Information

  • A private faculty/staff locker room is available in both the men's and women's locker rooms.
  • Entrance into the faculty/staff locker room is controlled by a combination lock. The combination may be obtained at the Malley Center Front Desk.
  • Day-use lockers are available within the faculty/staff locker room, as well as a limited number of rental lockers that may be reserved for the academic year to a nominal fee.
  • Faculty/staff may keep their same locker for consecutive academic years if they are using it and the facility.
  • All faculty/staff no longer interested in retaining their locker or leaving the university must have all items removed by the first Friday of the fall academic quarter or before they leave the university.
  • All holders of faculty/staff lockers will receive emails about the renewal process to retain their lockers mid-August.
  • Information regarding the availability of facility/staff lockers may be obtained at the Malley Center Front Desk.
    • Annual rental locker rate is $60
      • Typically this room is full at the end of the fall quarter - if lockers are still available the annual rate will be prorated as noted above in the General Locker Room section.

Annual Locker Refunds

  • If you leave the University during your locker term or decide you no longer wish to have a locker we will prorate your refund based on the time the refund was requested and the amount left in the agreement.
  • To request a refund for your locker rental complete the Refund Request Form. You can either submit this form to the Malley Center Front Desk Staff or e-mail it to
  • Refund checks will arrive within 4 - 6 weeks to the mailing address provided on the Refund Request Form.

Towel Service Information

  • Users may purchase a towel service for the current academic year for a $15.00 fee. New 2013 this fee will be prorated as follows:
    • Start of Fall Quarter - end of Spring Quarter $15 
    • Spring Quarter - July 31 $10
    • August 1 - start of Fall Quarter $5
  • The towel is exchanged for a clean one or a towel card as needed. Users must have a towel or a towel card in order to receive a clean towel.
  • Annually the towel service expires the first Monday of fall quarter.
  • If a towel card is lost, a replacement towel card must be purchased to continue service.
  • The towel service is non-refundable.
Locker Room
Even Bucky uses a locker


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For more information see Locker Rooms.

Rental Lockers Available

There are a limited number of rental lockers available in both the Faculty/Staff and General Locker Areas.

There are 66 men's and 48 women's faculty/staff lockers annual rental lockers and 38 men's and 29 women's general rental lockers.

In addition to the rental lockers available there are day use lockers available at all times.


Both locker rooms have a dry sauna for patrons to use. Please do not add water or paper towels to the sauna in hopes to make it hotter. The temperature is preset and can not be adjusted.

Sauna Policies

In addition to the general policies, the Sauna Policies are: 

  • No one under the age of 18.
  • Please shower before entering.
  • Limit use to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Do not use if you feel faint or dizzy.
  • No eating or glass containers.
  • Please do not pour anything on the heating element.
  • Please no aromatic products.
  • Do not dry clothing on the heating elements.
  • Do not tamper with the heating element or thermostat.
  • Notify the Front Desk if the Sauna is not functioning.