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Important information you should know about Net Price Calculator results

The Net Price Calculator (NPC) is a tool intended to provide students and their families an estimate of what an average net cost (after considering an estimate of possible financial aid) might be if the student attended Santa Clara University during the current academic year. It is important that you understand that the result produced by this NPC is only a broad estimate. Many factors are considered when financial aid is actually awarded to students, including but not limited to, individual student academic profiles, meeting filing deadlines, documented financial need, actual cost of attendance in a given year, enrollment goals by school/college and individual program funding levels.

Santa Clara University does not, and cannot, guarantee that any actual awards made to you will match the results generated by this NPC.

Keep in mind

  • Students must be admitted to the University before any financial aid is awarded.
  • The NPC provides estimates of financial aid only.
  • Any award range estimated to be from Santa Clara University sources is also an estimate and is based on actual academic, personal and family financial data submitted by first-year undergraduate students admitted to the Fall 2014. Any award range shown is based on the personal and financial profile information you provide when completing the NPC and is expected to fall within the estimated ranges in 70-75% of instances. These award ranges do not include international students, tuition remission/exchange students, scholarship athletes, wait-list students or SCU Presidential Scholarship recipients.
  • The NPC Expected Family Contribution (EFC) estimated is only as accurate as the data you provide. It is also subject to changes in federal and state budgets.
  • The NPC EFC will most likely vary among colleges according to their own institutional award policies and methodology.
  • For financial aid eligibility purposes, Santa Clara University is the final authority on your exact Expected Family Contribution (EFC) computed to attend Santa Clara University.


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