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Provost Research Fellowship

In January 2006 the Office of Fellowships announced the inauguration of two Provost Junior Research Fellowships for highly qualified rising juniors with promising research agendas. These summer research fellowships are intended to provide opportunities for significant independent research for students who wish to pursue graduate study and major nominated fellowships like the Marshall, Fulbright, Goldwater, Carnegie, or Truman. 

The 2015 application for the Provost Research Fellowship can be found here.

The award winners for 2010 are Emily Krehbiel and Sachit Egan:

Emily Krehbiel

Political Science Major

Title of Proposed Research Project:  Pork and Pivots:  A Study of Earmarks in the U.S. Senate

Faculty Mentor:  Naomi Levy

Brief Description of Project:

Does a senator's ideology affect the amount of earmarks he receives for his state in a given bill?  My preliminary results using bivariate and multivariate regression analysis on earmark data from the 110th session of Congress (2007-2009) supported this hypothesis.  I will continue my research by evaluating the hypothesis with a case study of the 2010 Health Care Bill.  By using mixed methods and exploring the hypothesis on a more systematic level, I plan to illuminate the targeting strategies by which leaders use persuasion tactics to pass legislation. 


Sachit Egan

Political Science and Economics Major

Title of Proposed Research Project:  The Influence of Minority Ethnic and Faith Backgrounds on Vocation

Faculty Mentors:  Michael McCarthy, S.J. and Subhashini Muthukrishnan

Brief Description of Project:

This research project aims to identify, analyze, and interpret the various effects that minority ethnic and faith backgrounds have on an individual's vocational goals (as identified through pursued fields of study and careers).  Emphasis will be placed upon fields that are traditionally devoid of ethnic and faith diversity, such as politics and public service. 

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