de Saisset Museum

South Bay's free museum of art and history

Painting & Sculpture


The painting and sculpture collection at the de Saisset Museum primarily includes works from the modern and contemporary eras.

The de Saisset serves as the repository for paintings by Ernest de Saisset, a former student at Santa Clara College and an ambitious young painter. Funded by a bequest from de Saisset's youngest sister Isabel, the Museum is named after Ernest de Saisset.

Other highlights among our painting and sculpture collection include works by critically acclaimed painter Henrietta Shore as well as Bay Area contemporary artists Bruce Beasley, Fletcher Benton, Nathan Oliveira, Harry Powers, Rick Soss, and Peter VandenBerg.

Images, left to right: Henrietta Shore, Untitled (Seated Girl), c. 1905, oil on panel, 35 x 29 in., de Saisset Museum permanent collection, Gift of Mrs. Ruth Hijmans Van Anrooji, 1.813.1988. Arnold G. Mountfort, Unfinished Symphony, 1934, oil on canvas, 56.5 x 31.75 in., de Saisset Museum permanent collection, Bequest of Patricia O'Neill Mountfort, 1.408.
de Saisset Museum History

The de Saisset was founded in 1955 through a bequest from Isabel de Saisset in honor of her brother, Ernest de Saisset.