Santa Clara University

Bursars Office

                                   Undergraduate Refund Policy

If you find it necessary to withdraw from the University, you must complete a Withdrawal Form obtained from the Drahmann Advising Center, Kenna Hall, room 101, or notify the University in writing.  Students failing to notify the University, regardless of the reason, will be responsible for all tuition and fee charges shown on the account once the withdrawal is processed. Informing your Dean, academic department or your instructor does not constitute withdrawal. To protect yourself and your family against financial loss due to an unexpected medical condition, please refer to the Dewar's website  for information on the tuition insurance plan offered by SCU.

The date on which written notification of withdrawal is received at the Student Records Office will be the effective date on which any refund of tuition will be determined, not the last date of attendance by the student. This policy also applies to incremental tuition, special course fees and lab fees. The schedule below is for students who withdraw completely from the University. This does not apply to students who drop below half time and remain enrolled in the term. A full-time student who drops courses after the add/drop period will be considered a full-time student for the remainder of the term for tuition assessment purposes.  No tuition adjustment will be made after the end of the late registration/add period.      

  • During the First week of classes (less $250) ......... 100% 
  • During the Second week the quarter.................... 50%
  • During the Third week of the quarter.................. 25%

    No further refunds after the third week

(All dates/schedules are subject to change by the University)

PLEASE NOTE - if you withdrawal or drop below half-time status you may no longer be eligible to receive financial aid or student loans. Your account will be adjusted accordingly and the aid returned to the appropriate program. If you have received a refund for these funds, you must reimburse Santa Clara University immediately.  For more information on financial aid forfeiture, please visit the Financial Aid website or make an appointment with your Financial Aid Counselor.

No refunds will be made because of curtailment of services brought about as a result of strikes, acts of God, civil insurrection, riots or threats thereof, or other causes beyond the control of the University.


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