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Information Security

Information Security

Welcome to Santa Clara University's Information Security Office Homepage.

The mission of the Information Security Office is to support Santa Clara University’s outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and research programs by protecting the university’s information assets.


Social Engineering

Social engineering is one of the most effective and least recognized hacking methods, and attackers often don't even need to write a line of code. Find out what it looks like and how to avoid it.

Is Venmo safe?

Venmo, a peer to peer payment app, has seen its popularity skyrocket in the past couple of years, especially among college students. A few notable hacks and thefts have left users wondering how secure Venmo really is. Chances are you aren't using Venmo securely. Read on to find out how to counteract some of Venmo's security flaws.

Women in Information Security

Women make up only 10% of the Information Security workforce. Why are women so underrepresented? What can be done to change that?