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A Super Game in Santa Clara

More than a Big Game


Being in the national spotlight is a great time for SCU to help bring the community together.

Butch Coyne,
SCU Presents


What are the ethical issues surrounding sports and how should SCU help guide the conversation?

Mike Carey '71,
NFL referee

End zone

Will students and alumni further the cause of safety in sports?

Brandi Chastain '91, Soccer Legend

Top Stories

Meningitis Updates for the Santa Clara University Campus

For the most up-to-date information on free vaccines being provided to students to protect against Meningococcal infection; updates on the three confirmed cases affecting our students; statements and correspondence from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and from SCU; frequently asked questions (FAQs) and more, please consult the website of the University’s Cowell Health Center, which is being updated regularly.

  • Seven Lessons from Sports Legends

    Lessons abound at a pre-Super Bowl lunchtime event Jan. 26 with sports legends George Seifert, Ronnie Lott, Brandi Chastain and more.

  • Bringing Back a Classic

    Bronco Athletics recently announced that they would be revamping logos and uniforms for a classic look.

  • PEEP show

    Bringing hope and transformation through the arts, faith, and justice: Jonathan Fung spreads awareness about human trafficking through PEEP.

  • Fellow Britton Schwartz and 3 IRHC students attend Inter-American Commission on Human Rights water-rights event in D.C.

    Water As a Human Right

    The national crisis over Flint, Michigan’s lead-contaminated water shines a spotlight on a growing problem, one which Santa Clara University’s International Human Rights Clinic has been actively fighting for the past year.