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The Department of Sociology offers a bachelor of science degree. A minor in sociology is also offered. A solid undergraduate foundation in sociology secures the anayltical skills needed to undertake professional degree programs in sociology, business , law, and social services or to embark on a number of  careers from management to research.

SCU’s Sociology students are encouraged, through course work and experiential learning,

  • to apply sociology in business, public sector, human service, and community contexts to
    improve organizational functioning
  • to develop a client-centered orientation (identifying challenges other people face and assisting in addressing those challenges)
  • to understand change and resistance to change in an increasingly diverse society and
    organizations, and assist clients in successfully managing the change.
  • to assume responsibility for getting projects done properly, independently and in teams.


44th Annual Western Departments of Anthropology and Sociology Undergraduate Research Conference

Gabriel Ignatow


Keynote Speaker

Gabe Ignatow (Ph.D. Stanford)

Digital Social Science: Entering a New Era of Challenges and Opportunities

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