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What makes us tick? Human behavior is ambiguous and complex and Psychology seeks to understand it.

Our faculty members are actively researching current issues such as workplace diversity, the influence of gender on career trajectories, and the psychological benefits of exercise. And we encourage undergraduates to get involved. Each year a large number of our majors present papers at professional conferences, and many students co-author articles in professional journals.

Department-sponsored internships also allow students to engage with the community around them while gaining clinical experience. Placement options include Kids on Campus, St. Clare School, The Abuse Prevention Center, and Momentum for Health.

Studying psychology at Santa Clara is more than just sitting in class. You’ll have the opportunity to apply that knowledge to the world around you while still in school.

  • 2016 SCU Global Fellows

    Congratulations to Psychology majors Claire Healy '16, Megan Bathen '17, and Alison Pietrykowski  '17.