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10 Steps to Successful Time Management

  1. Set Goals and Priorities
    Stay focused by establishing goals and setting priorities. Reevaluate them often to remain on track.
  2. Set a Deadline
    To avoid procrastination and to track progress and achievement, set a realistic deadline for each of your goals.
  3. Break it Up
    Break up big processes into mini-projects. Plan them by time or task and assign a schedule.
  4. Organize
    Clutter wastes time. Keep things in their proper place to avoid needless searching for misplaced items.
  5. Slow Down
    Take on only as much as you are willing and able to so. The world will not end if you say "no" when you need to.
  6. Make a Plan
    Establish a direction of your project ad develop a schedule and milestones around it. Assess the resources required.
  7. Delegate
    Free yourself by allowing others to help you. Offer growth opportunities. Give clear directions and set deadlines.
  8. Anticipate the Unexpected
    Overestimate space, time, cost and related tasks. Allow for extra problems or difficulties. Schedule flex-time.
  9. Keep a Master Calendar
    Write commitments in one calendar. Review and update your calendar daily. Keep it available and uncluttered.
  10. Look at the Big Picture
    Don't waste energy micromanaging routine procedures. Concentrate on what truly needs your attention.

Other Time Management Resources

Source: Student Counseling & Resource Service-- University of Chicago Virtual Pamphlet Collection



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