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FAQs - All About Abby

1. What is the purpose of Queer Abby?

Queer Abby provides an alternative for students who would like relationship, intimacy or sexual health advice from an SCU licensed professional counselor but would prefer the convenience or relative anonymity that e-mail permits. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment for individual or couples counseling at the Counseling Center (554-4172) or for a consultation at the Wellness Center (554-4409) if they would prefer a more personalized, collaborative and comprehensive assessment of their relationship situation and intimacy needs. Educational materials are also available at these locations.

2. How soon can I expect to receive a response from Abby?

Because Queer Abby Advisors are full-time university staff counselors, they have numerous other responsibilities and spontaneous work demands. As a result, response times will vary accordingly but it generally takes between 2 and 7 working days to receive a thoughtful reply. Also, please note the limits to availabilty addressed in question #4.

3. Are my questions really confidential?

Confidentiality over e-mail and the internet cannot be completely guaranteed because of illegal and unauthorized activity. The odds are pretty low that anyone other then Q-Abby (a licensed professional staff psychologist at the Counseling Center or Wellness Center) would ever gain access to your question. Q-Abby will not willfully disclose (verbally, in print, or electronically) your question, the response, your e-mail address or your identity to anyone outside of the Counseling Center or Wellness Center licensed staff without your consent. E-mail questions received will be discarded some time within the academic quarter they are received and will only be posted for educational purposes if consent is granted.

Also note that many institutions, including SCU, reserve the right to monitor employee e-mails to ensure that they are work-related. This is highly unlikely to effect Queer Abby’s SCU account.

4. Is Abby available at all times throughout the year?

No. You should NOT expect a response after office hours, on weekends, during holiday recess times or during the summer months of July and August.

5. What if I need immediate assistance?

Abby is not intended to be a student counseling or crisis service. Medical and psychiatric emergency resources are listed on the Q-Abby, Counseling Center and Wellness Center websites. Should an SCU student reveal in an e-mail that they are in imminent danger of harm to self or to others, Abby may need to contact Campus Safety (554-4444) or the Santa Clara Police Dept. for their protection or the protection of others. Click HERE to see Crisis Phone Numbers.

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