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Many students at Santa Clara University choose not to drink alcohol. Other students consume alcohol responsibly, and some make poor decisions and misuse or abuse alcohol. Last year, over 130 students at SCU received medical attention due to the misuse of alcohol, and a number of those students were transported to the hospital. Complying with the law by abstaining from the use of alcohol until you are at least 21 years of age is the most responsible choice. However, if you choose to use alcohol now or some time in the future, learning more about alcohol can help you to make decisions that keep you on a path of success and good health.

Sexual assault is another issue that greatly affects the entire campus community. Studies have shown that nationally, one in four female college students will experience some form of nonconsensual sexual activity by graduation, and that 50 percent of reported sexual assaults on college campuses across the country involve alcohol. Santa Clara University is committed to fostering a culture in which students are empowered and effective when they witness or suspect any kind of sexual assault or relationship violence.

Santa Clara University is committed to the welfare of our students and to educating and empowering students to help us create a safer campus. One way in which we do this is by educating all incoming students about alcohol, sexual assault, and relationship violence. To this end, we require every first-year student at Santa Clara University to complete the online alcohol education and sexual assault prevention programs, AlcoholEdu for College and Haven.

  • Used on over 500 colleges and universities nationwide, AlcoholEdu for College focuses on alcohol education and harm reduction. Whether or not one drinks alcohol, AlcoholEdu for College uses evidence-based prevention and educational strategies to motivate students to make more responsible decisions about alcohol and better cope with the drinking behavior of one’s peers.
  • Used on almost 200 college and university campuses across the country, Haven provides a unique learning experience regarding important prevention skills and strategies for students. You will learn about healthy relationships, the importance of consent and being a good communicator, and the many ways you can help create a safe and respectful campus.
Incoming First-Year students may begin taking AlcoholEdu for College and Haven now. AlcoholEdu and Haven Instructions. You will need a computer with Internet access and audio capabilities. You must complete both courses and pass the AlcoholEdu exam to fulfill this requirement:
  • The two courses, AlcoholEdu and Haven, take a total of roughly 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, and we recommend that you space it out over multiple sittings.You must earn a score of 80 percent or higher on the AlcoholEdu exam and take the pre- and post-quizzes for Haven to meet the requirement. The deadline for finishing these requirements is Sept. 1, 2014.
  • About four-to-six weeks after you complete the exam and Survey 2 of AlcoholEdu, you will receive an email inviting you tocomplete Part 2 of AlcoholEdu. The second part of the program will take roughly 20 minutes to complete. The deadline to complete Part 2 and the final survey is Oct. 31, 2014.

The courses include several surveys that measure students’ attitudes and behaviors about alcohol and relationships. All survey responses are strictly confidential; Santa Clara University will only receive information about the student body as whole and will never see an individual student’s answers. You can feel confident that providing truthful answers—no matter what they are—will not put you at any risk for repercussions.

An email was send on August 11, 2014 with instructions for taking AlcoholEdu for College and Haven. The email was sent to your Santa Clara University email address as well as the email you have listed with the University as your preferred email address. You will find instructions for taking the program here, AlcoholEdu and Haven Instructions.

If you are a parent and want to see the demo or access the AlcoholEdu site for parents, please contact Dr. Alison Bateman, or 408-554-4409.

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