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When we are in tune with our spiritual selves, we can find meaning in life events, comfort when things aren’t going well, the beauty in life, the ability to be compassionate towards others, and individual purpose. Many factors play a part in defining spirituality: religious faith, beliefs, values, ethics, principles, and morals. Spirituality allows us to find the inner calm and peace needed to get through whatever life brings.No matter your faith or where you may be on your journey there are avenues to seek a greater understanding.

Begin this Sunday at the popular student 10:00 pm mass!

At Santa Clara University we embrace the Jesuit tradition, especially that of “developing the whole person and becoming a person for others.” Campus Ministry fosters change and growth within individuals and within the University community through professional services and pastoral presence which seek to:

  • Create an environment where faith may be explored, discovered, and developed, and where compassion for others is exercised in a habitual way within the University.
  • Promote the integration of the whole person within the contest of community.
  • Educate and empower members of the University community toward “a faith that does justice.”
  • Bring the Gospel of Christ to bear on the moral challenges faced by members of this academic community and the broader world.
  • Stimulate individuals to a deeper and more mature assimilation of the Catholic faith tradition of this University community. This includes a deep respect and honoring of all other traditions.
  • Form leaders for society and the Church by discovering, eliciting, and developing the various gifts of our University community.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities offered through the Bannan Center. Originally established in 1982, the center was named in 1996 as one of four Centers of Distinction, which define SCU's leadership in higher education. The Bannan Center sponsors grants, lectures, publications, retreats, and conferences, and brings religious scholars and leaders to the University to engage in educational activities.

History of Our Campus
The first sight that greets visitors to Santa Clara University is the facade of the restored church of Mission Santa Clara de Asis. Santa Clara University, the oldest college in California, is also the only college in the state to be the successor of a Spanish mission. The history of both institutions is intimately bound up with the history of the state. The University, founded in 1851, was born amid the tumultuous growth of the Gold Rush era. The mission, dating back to 1777, was the first outpost of Spanish civilization in the Santa Clara Valley.

The capacities for love, forgiveness, compassion, joy and peace are hallmarks of a spiritual wellness. To be spiritually well is to be in harmony with oneself and of mission and cross

Signs of Good Spiritual Wellness

  • You have dreams/goals for your life
  • You take time for spiritual growth and exploration
  • You have developed a philosophy of life
  • You care about what happens to your fellow men and women
  • You take time to think about the meaning of events in your life
  • You have a clear sense of right and wrong, and act accordingly
  • You are comfortable with your level of involvement/non-involvement with a religious community
  • You feel comfortable talking about spirituality
  • You would be able to explain why you believe what you believe

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The Santa Clara Mission
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