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The ability to form and keep loving relationships and supportive people in our lives is essential to striving or wellness. Social health consists not only of our personal relationships but also our relationship to our community. The contributions we make to society make our lives meaningful and leave a legacy of purpose and commitment for those who follow us.

We are all social beings. Every day we interact with others in countless numbers of ways, from getting together with friends to asking a professor questions about an upcoming assignment. It is important to have the skills to relate with people in a variety of settings, and to peacefully resolve interpersonal conflicts when they arise.

The social dimension of wellness emphasizes the inter-dependence with others and nature. It is important to examine the degree of connectedness you currently have with individuals, your community and nature. By fostering a positive self-image and improving interpersonal skills, one can enhance the building of a just and caring community. You'll take an active part in improving our world by encouraging a healthy living environment and initiating better communication with those around you. You'll discover that you have the power to make willful choices to enhance personal relationships, important friendships, your community environment, and ultimately the world.

Signs of Good Social Wellness

  • Ability to adjust and develop new friendships when you move to a new place (see homesickness)
  • You aren't afraid to go to places where you might not know anyone
  • You value diversity and treat others with respect
  • You value time alone
  • You perceive that people ENJOY being with you
  • You maintain the same values, beliefs, and attitudes when you're interacting in a group, as you do when you interact with just one other person
  • You are aware of the social concerns in your community and are involved in solving community problems
  • You keep yourself informed of local, national, and world news

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