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Emotional health is a dynamic state that is influenced by and influences our physical, intellectual, spiritual and social lives. Self-acceptance and self-confidence are essential components, as is the ability to share our feelings with others. Recognizing our problems and the ability to find solutions are also key to maintaining our emotional health. It is impossible to stop emotions from happening, so being able to cope effectively and in healthy ways is of great importance.

Part of emotional wellness is taking care of yourself so that you are in top emotional shape to deal with life’s stresses. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising, taking care of physical illness, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, participating in enjoyable activities, and having at least one person whom you can confide in are all important to someone’s emotional health. If any of these factors are neglected, an individual is less able to cope well with stress.

There are countless effective and healthy ways to cope with stress. Counseling services offer the opportunity to address current stress or past issues that need to be resolved. Writing in a daily journal is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings, and joys. Remember that you do not have to cope with difficult emotions alone. Confiding in a trusted friend, family member, or professor is another option to help improve your emotional wellness.

Signs of Emotional Wellness

  • You can talk with someone about your emotional concerns
  • You can say "no" when you need to without feeling guilty
  • You are happy much of the time
  • You have people in your life that care about you, and can call when you need them
  • You are able to relax and share your feelings with others
  • You feel good about who you are

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