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Santa Clara University

2014 Site Administrator Meetings and Open Labs

February 19, 2014 SAM Recap



Christine Cole, Sandy Boyer, Jeffrey Roush, Marc Ramos, David Dawson, Rich Giacchetti, Clay Hamilton, Ali Reimer, Cara Uy, Jefferson Dela Cruz, Sam Prasad, Gratia Rankin, Jen Ferrari, Molly Williams, Denise Krane, Michelle Cwirko-Godycki, Christina Enquist, Janice DeMonsi, Patrick Dutcher, Heidi Williams, Nancy Cutler, Christi Shaw, Aaron Ho, David Jones, Brian Washburn, Christine Garvale, Russ Morris.

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New Campus Map

Initially the idea was to create a multi-functional map that would include different types of content related to the university, info such as study abroad locations, alumni chapters, and more. That ambitious plan has been scaled back a bit.

One of the main objectives of creating a new campus map is to replace the Flash based system currently in use with a mobile (iOS) friendy JQuey/HTML5 Google API version.

Both content and application development are ongoing and although the project is technically a work in progress, there are enough working features that Brian gave a short demonstration.

Some highlights...

  • It uses Google Maps for underlying technology
  • Similar to the current mobile version
  • Text overlays for key buildings - zooming in reveals more detail
  • Ability to browse list of buildings
  • Full-screen view
  • Multiple methods of navigation
  • Driving directions, just like Google Maps
  • Building-to-building directions
  • Search function

There's still much work to be done - and testing. No launch date was given. If you're interested in helping with user testing let Brian, Parick Dutcher, or Christine Cole know!


Redesign Status

For a little background, here's the November 20, 2013 recap that includes Clay's and Brian's presentation.

No Powerpoint this time, but Clay brought the group up to speed on the process for the redesign and what happens next.

Last year there were surveys, one-on-one and group meetings. Some of the input from these meetings were that the site needs to be contemporary, media-rich, with adaptive web and mobile designs for the site to be competitive. There needs to be efficient content and transactional management options.

The input resulted in recommendations - taking a look at the site's information architecture and making sure that it's flexible enough to accommodate expansion, that the UI/UX is cohesive and easy to use for our visitors, considering the divide between intranet content and marketing content and how that might be accomplished with the current tools in place, look at mobile/cloud computing, social media integration, coming up with better content development and management strategies, do better at analytics, accessibility issues, and increasing targeted support across the university.

Peer organizations were consulted - Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Regis, Seattle U - they shared how they conducted their redesigns, what they would have done differently, and how they were moving forward with their websites. Lots of food for thought and great insights into best practices which, because of the current Web landscape, are constantly evolving!

Clay used the NYTImes site as an example of mobile first Web development.

Clay reviewed the three approaches to the redesign: catch-up (much like the 2007 redesign), incremental (a redesign with technology improvements implemented in a phased approach), and transformational (start fresh, cutting edge improvements).

The decision was made to go with a combination of incremental and transformational, which he termed as evolutionary or adaptive, that could be implemented in phases, but aimed at moving the site continually forward.

This effort is in direct support of the University's Strategic Goals, specifically Goal 5, Increasing diversity, access, and affordability and Goal 6, Enhancing Santa Clara's reputation and national visibility.

An RFP is being created and vendors who can help us through this process are being identified. Objectives include engaging audiences across all channels, quickly provide information that visitors seek, the look and feel strengthens the university's brand, deploy a large and flexible family of consistent templates, increase emphasis on image to build our reputation, ensure that all supporting technology is easy to maintain and appropriate, and continue to ensure through metrics that our tactics support the goals.

Part of the case was an ask for increased staffing in OMC and IT to support these efforts - and they'd be working closely with all site administrators. Internally through the process, there will be a vendor that works with us, communicating through a project manager, working with a core OMC/IT group, and a small university advisory group. We'll be communicating with standard groups - Webcom, SCUCom, Site Adminstrators, plus townhall style meetings, and a progress blog.

What's next? The hunt for a vendor should be complete by Fall 2014 - and they'd need to go through their discovery phase. There will be iterative reviews with different groups around campus. it's anticipated that development and implementation will occur Spring through Fall 2015 with an introduction in January 2016. All subject to change based on the hiring of a vendor and the scope of the project.

At the end of 2016, after deploying the new design, the focus of the next phase will be technologies. And give us a chance to reevaluate next phases.

If you have any questions, please contact Clay!



  • The University homepage is now 960 pixels wide and responsive (Thanks to Janice, Cara/Lindsey for the push, Brian for making it happen)
  • Updates to SCU Experience side-bars (make sure to clear your browser's cache), thanks to Dona LeyVa
  • OMC is looking into the feasibility of making SCU Experience mobile friendly
  • Video Player URL formats update added to the Lightbox Element page
  • Reminder: use lower-case page and sub-site names, only! (See handout, please!)
  • The best way to get ahold of Christine is via email (include URLs, please!)
  • As part of trouble shooting any Commonspot issues try Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Also clear browser cache, quit browsers, and even reboot your computer
  • If you're unable to access /clearcache let me know and I'll make it happen
  • Email addys have been removed from directory listings - contact forms are now in place as a result of recent phishing exploits
  • Printer-friendly CSS replaces the icon - use Print Preview to see how pages translate to print. Again, thank you Mr. Washburn!
Legos Build with Chrome

Cool Stuff

If you see anything out on the interwebs that absolutely must be shared with the group, please email me the URL and I'll add it to the next agenda!