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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.

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Commonspot editor and Windows XP update
A recent update to Windows XP has introduced a conflict with Commonspot's rich text editor. The Windows XP update released in April includes a change to the ActiveX control - you will now see a message every time you used the rich text editor in Internet Explorer instructing you to hit the spacebar or enter key to activate the control. Updated 4/21/2006: Paperthin has released a patch that corrects this behavior in Commonspot. The patch has been installed on the cms server. Read More »
SSL External Link Validation
Commonspot's internal process for validating external links to secure (SSL-enabled, beginning with https://) Web sites has changed. Rather than categorizing the link as invalid, Commonpot will validate the link syntax but skip the process that actually checks to see if the link can be reached. If you've checked to make sure that you've entered the link correctly, you can check the link in Commonspot's link validation form, telling Commonspot that the link is in fact valid. Read More »
Commonspot Cache Files
Commonspot creates a cache file copy of a page the first time it is requested from the server, following the creation of the page or any update to the page on the cms server. This helps Commonspot deliver pages on the servers more rapidly; the system doesn't need to get updated data from the database every time the page is requested - it just builds a copy of the page following a change published from the cms server. Sometimes a previously-created cache file isn't cleared from the www servers when you update a page and publish the change in Commonspot; you'll notice this if a published change appears to revert back to an older version on (when one of the www servers hasn't updated the cache file), or a change published in Commonspot isn't displayed on www after several hours have elapsed. The Web Publishing site includes a step-by-step guide for handling these Commonspot cache issues. Read More »
Authoring Session Timeout
Commonspot authoring sessions will automatically timeout after 30 minutes; if you haven't saved your work within that time span, any work in progress will be lost. We have added a custom alert message to the rich text editor element that will display a pop-up window warning you to click "finish" to save your work 20 minutes after the editor window is opened. Read More »
Author Mode link requires page refresh
A new Commonspot bug has appeared following the upgrade to 4.6 SP1. The link to Author mode from a Commonspot page in Read mode won't work when page is first loaded in your Web browser. The short-term work-around is to reload the current page. The reload causes Commonspot to build the correct script content in the page source, and the Author mode link will then function properly. This bug has been reported to Paperthin. Update - 2/16/2006: As a temporary work-around, we've modified the base template to include a copy of the missing Javascript function in read mode. This results in the newWindow function being declared twice when in author mode, but doesn't appear to cause functional problems in Commonspot. Update - 2/28/2006: This bug has been resolved by Paperthin, and our work-around has been removed. Read More »
Commonspot authoring menus in Firefox
An error in an included Commonspot javascript file was causing problems accessing menu options for submitting or deleting element content in Firefox. Read More »
Commonspot pop-up menu bug in Firefox
A problem has been identified in Commonspot's dynamic HTML pop-up menu system in Firefox 1.5. Read More »
Commonspot Database Errors
We have been experiencing database server errors that have caused problems accessing Commonspot pages on the www and cms servers. There was a 35-minute interruption on Tuesday, 12/21, and one of shorter duration on Wednesday. The database administrator has identified the source of the problem, and will be applying an update to the database server software that should correct it. Read More »
Missing Web Site Statistics
Due to a configuration error in our statistics package, several days' reports were not genereated. The Web server statistics were restored at 11:30 am on Friday, 11/18/2005. Read More »
Custom Element Data Display Problem
Elements that use custom element data (news item, homepage features) were not displaying data on the production servers, although the data is in the servers' database and does display properly on the server. This problem was resolved at 9:30 am Friday, 11/18. Read More »
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