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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.

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Web Publishing News

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Commonspot Replication Schedule

Commonspot's content replication cycle is back on schedule, following an interruption due to database errors on the servers last week.  In the replication process, content changes approved for publication on the cms server are copied to the servers on an automated, two-hour-interval schedule.

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Rich Text Editor enhancements

Two enhancements have been added to the Rich Text Editor element:.  To guard against losing work-in-progress during an editing session that exceeds the time permitted, an alert message will be displayed 5 minutes prior to the end of an editing session, warning you to save your changes before the session times out.  Also, a "Word Cleanup" option has been added to the form, allowing you to remove the excess markup applied in formatted text copied and pasted from Microsoft Word.

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Job Listings - Right Column Element
A new element has been added to the Right Column element category: Current Job Listings.  This element will display the 3 job listings most recently posted to the HR staff opportunities list.  Optionally, you can select job listings for a specific SCU organization.  The element displays the job posting title, posting date, and links to the full job description. Read More »
Template Updates
The homepage and base template CMS files were updated to incorporate the new SCU logo and tagline.  Along with the logo change, the templates were redesigned to include a revised main navigation element; the "for, about, find" menus at the top of the base template include all of the audience, subject, and utility navigation menus represented on the home page in a compact form.  The templates and style sheets are now based on the XHTML document type, resulting in more consistent display in current Web browsers on a variety of systems.  Read and discuss the template updates on the Web Publishing Discussion page.  Read More »
Weather Element
A new Right Column element has been added to the Commonspot element gallery; this element displays the current weather at Santa Clara, from an XML feed provided by the National Weather Service.  The weather data is updated every hour. Read More »
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