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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.

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What's New
The Webpublishing team has created a new RSS feed to the "What's New" page. When submitting content for publication, check the "What's New" checkbox for any new content that may be relevant to all site administrators (calendar updates, student/faculty profiles, etc.). This will give everyone more linking opportunities and information about updated content. Read More »
Commonspot Replication Schedule Updated
We have returned to the regularly scheduled content replication schedule for Commonspot. Content changes on the cms server will be copied to the www production servers on an automated schedule, at 2-hour intervals. Read More »
Commonspot Replication Schedule Changes
The Commonspot replication cycle has been changed to twice a day (7:30 am and pm) for the duration of the holiday break. Read More »
Delete Element option not functioning in Firefox
The option to delete an element in Commonspot appears not to be working if you're using Firefox. This bug has been reported to Paperthin. Read More »
Commonspot version 4.6 installed
We've completed the upgrade to Commonspot 4.6 on the cms server. The new version allows authoring access on platforms and browsers other than Windows/IE6, and includes system performance enhancements. Read More »
Commonspot 4.6 Upgrade Re-scheduled
Our attempt to install the Commonspot 4.6 upgrade on the cms server was not successful, and we'll try again after we receive technical support from Paperthin. The new version requires an updated set of license keys, which were not provided as part of the installation packet. We're (tentatively) planning on installing the upgrade on Friday, Dec. 16th. Read More »
RSS Elements
Two elements have been added to the Content Well element gallery category for displaying RSS feed content, or displaying a subscription link to an RSS feed.  Both elements can be configured to use an RSS feed that's developed in Commonspot or use an RSS feed generated in another system. Read More »
Commonspot database drive failure

One of the drives in Commonspot's database server drive array has failed, and will be replaced on Wednesday (10/19/2005) afternoon, shortly after 2:30 pm.  While the new drive is installed, Commonspot will not be available - Commonspot pages on the cms and servers will also not be available while the database server is offline.  The downtime is expected to be at least one hour.  Commonspot authoring will be disabled temporarily at approximately 1 pm, in preparation for the installation of the new drive.

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Phonebook Elements

Use this element to display a listing of staff and faculty members for a selected organization in the SCU Phonebook.  The element can be configured to display contact information based on the "on-campus" and "off-campus" display preferences specified by individuals in the phonebook, and can optionally include contact information such as phone, fax, email, and location for the selected organization.

An alternate version of the Phonebook element is available for use in the right column of the page.  The "Phonebook Organization Contact" element can be found in the Right Column menu in the Element Gallery.  Select an organization from the list, and it will display address, phone, fax, email, and campus map location information from the SCU Phonebook.

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Displaying Randomly Selected or Rotating Images
A new element has been added to the Content Well element gallery for displaying a randomly selected image - where a new image is displayed every time the page loads - or displaying a set of images, one at a time, in a rotating sequence.  Read More »
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