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Support for Web publishing at Santa Clara University is provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications, Information Services, the Webmaster and Web Applications Developer in the Media Services department, and system and network administrators in the Information Technology department.


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FAQ option for Bulleted List element
The Bulleted List element now has an option to display the list in a "frequently asked questions" format. Read More »
Commonspot blog element support for embedded media
The blog element now supports the display of audio and video content. Add the URL of a media file in the enclosure field in the blog post form. Supported media file types are mp3, swf, flv, and mov. Read More »
Upcoming Events right column element updated
The right-column element used to display events has been updated to work with calendars created in the Event Manager system. Like the standard version of the Event summary/details element, this element requires one parameter - the ID number of a calendar configured in the Event Manager. Read More »
YouTube video element
An element has been added to the Content Well element gallery category that lets you embed a YouTube video in a Commonspot page. Read More »
Bulletin Import Element Updated
The Bulletin Import element has been updated to handle bulletin content published in Commonspot, as well as earlier versions of the bulletins. Read More »
Top 5 Subsite Maintenance Tasks
We've created a list of the top five maintenance tasks for subsite administrators. Regular maintenance will help to keep things organized in your site, and eliminate unnecessary pages and images in Commonspot and on the Web site. Read More »
New versions of uploaded files
If you need to replace an uploaded file with a new version, you can use Commonspot's Subsite Administration forms to update it, instead of uploading a unique new file. Read More »
Blog Feature Options
The Blog Feature element has been revised in the new site design. By default, the featured posts are displayed using a styled list, with options to expand/collapse list items to view the blog post text. An option is available to display the featured items using the "directory list" style. Set the custom parameter display=list to apply that change. Read More »
Blog Navigation Element
In the new site design, the blog element doesn't include a navigation menu by default. You can add navigation for Recent Posts, Categories, and Archives to your blog page by displaying the right column and adding the "Blog Navigation" element from the Right Column category in the Element Gallery. Read More »
Replication Frequency
Commonspot content replication from authoring to production is now scheduled to run every hour, a change from the long-standing two-hour-interval pattern. Read More »
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