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The site template provides global navigation to SCU Web site resources (map, search) and main content categories (undergraduate, centers, alumni). The template also provides a dynamically constructed navigation element in the breadcrumb trail, showing the location in a sub-site for the currently displayed page.

Your site's primary navigation must include links to the main content areas of your site. From the linked page, or through a pop-up menu navigation system, visitors should be able to reach any other page within your site. For large, complex sites, it may be necessary to create additional templates with primary navigation focused on a specific section of the site.

Sample Primary / Secondary Navigation

Primary Navigation* 

Welcome (site's homepage)

About Us

  • Department History
  • FAQ

Academic Programs

  • Majors
  • Minors
  • Class Schedules
  • Course Descriptions
  • Future Course Offerings

Centers and Institutes

Faculty & Staff

  • Faculty
    • Awards
    • Endowed Chairs
    • Profiles
    • Employment
  • Staff
  • Publications
  • Research


  • Awards
  • Organizations
  • Publications
  • Projects
  • Profiles


  • Profiles

Careers & Internships

  • Careers
  • Internships


News & Events

  • News
  • Events

Contact Us

Secondary Navigation**

College of Arts & Sciences
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Undergraduate Admissions

* Primary navigation should ONLY link to pages within your own Web site.  Essentially it is a table of contents for your site.
** Secondary navigation should ONLY link to other related SCU Web sites.  Secondary navigation is in the blue shaded area below the primary navigation.

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