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Adding an SCU Story Element to the Content Well


A step-by-step guide for Site Admins wanting to add the SCU Stories element to their web pages. If you require one-on-one assistance with this this procedure, please contact Russ Morris or Nidhi Patel.

Download and print these instructions (15k PDF)

  1. Login to Commonspot, navigate to a page using the three-column layout. Change to Author Mode.
  2. In the content well, Click to insert new element and from the Element Gallery, under Content Well, select Profile.
  3. In the right hand column click the Element data icon (pencil) and click Select rendering mode… 
  4. Under the Rendering Mode tab, click the Display Existing Element Data radio button - additional choices appear - click the radio button for Render results dynamically based on a filter, or display all records.
  5. Next, click the Filter tab, then click the Filter Type radio button Show subset of records.
  6. Click the Field dropdown menu and select Tags. In the Value field, type in the tag scustories. Just below at left, click the dropdown menu showing Select, then choose AND. A new set of dropdown menus will appear. Click the Field dropdown menu and select Tags. In the Value field, type in the tag that will display the profiles you want. To randomly display all profiles, the only tag needed is the first, scustories. Click update. (For the purpose of SCU Stories, a tag is a keyword or label added to individual profiles that best describes the content of that profile. More than one tag can be assigned to a profile and every profile, by default, includes scustories as a tag.)  
  7. You'll be taken to the Preview Page. All the profiles will be displayed. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then scroll to the right of the page and click the OK button. At this point, every profile displays in the right hand column. To make just one profile appear, click the Profile Properties icon (grey circle with three lines) and select Layout properties.
    1. Click the ballot box for Limit the results to the first __ items by entering the number 1 in the text field - additional choices appear.
    2. Click the ballot box for Randomly display from the results set. This will ensure that every profile has a chance to be displayed on your page. Click OK.  
  8. To complete this process, select the Profile Properties icon (grey circle with three lines) and click Custom Render Handler. A window opens. Click the Content Well Profile Summary radio button. Click the Next button to finish. Submit entire page for publication.  
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