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Selecting and applying template options

The redesigned site includes several template options, designed to allow for flexibility in page layout and formatting.  There are two template options designed specifically for Schools, Centers, and academic departments, and three templates with varying levels of site-wide navigation options.  Along with these options, site administrators may also design a custom title image in a variety of sizes and color choices, and modify the display of local navigation and primary and secondary page content.  This page describes how to change your site to one of the new template options.

How to set a template's rendering options

Step 1

Open your site's template in Author mode, and select the Page Properties option from the Page & Template menu.

Page Properties

Step 2

Click the Rendering Options button in the Page Properties form

Rendering Options

Step 3

Select a template option for your site - for most sites, the Level 4 option would be a good choice (and is applied by default, if none is selected).

Options Menu

Step 4

Click the OK button in the Rendering Options form, then click the Finish button in the Page Properties form to apply this change.

While you have your site's template open in Author mode, you can add a new title image to the template.

The template selected in Step 3 will be applied to all of the pages in your site. You can now apply different templates to specific pages, by following the same steps. For example, you can open your site's home page in Author mode and apply the Level 3 design.

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