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Template options

The SCU Web site design offers a variety of flexible and configurable templates.  The template framework was developed to include enough consistent design elements to maintain a uniform appearance across SCU sites, while allowing for the expression of an individual organization's identity through page layout and navigation options, and more prominent display of site-specific graphic design components.  The following is an overview of the template options.

The template framework

Level 1 - a school or center home page

Designed to mirror the layout of the new SCU home page, this template would include primary content describing the organization's mission and values, accompanied by the organization's news and events highlights.  The navigation presented in this template matches the SCU home page; six subject categories, each with one or more links listed below.  Use of this template requires the availability of frequently refreshed news and events content, and a site architecture that follows the structural outline noted above.  Contact the Web publishing team for guidance in using this template option.

Level 2 - a school or center content page

This template includes a custom subject navigation menu specific to the school or center in place of the SCU site's subject navigation at the top of the page.  The left column navigation will include links to content specific to the subject area, or local navigation specific to an individual organization within the school or center. A custom navigation element for the school or center is required in order to use this template. Contact the Web publishing team for assistance.

Level 3 - a department or office home page

Includes SCU audience and subject navigation options at the top of the page.  This template is recommended for all SCU site home pages, except for those using options 1 or 2.

Level 4 - a department or office content page

This template is recommended for the majority of pages on the SCU site, and unless your site can use options 1 or 2, is a good choice when applying a selection to your site's template.

Level 5 - logo and search only

SCU site audience and subject navigation menus are not included in this template. This option would be applicable when your page content requires minimal navigation options.  A survey form, or other transaction-oriented Web pages are examples of this circumstance.

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