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How to edit your template

The template is the place to make changes to a site's footer, navigation, site banner, or options, such as 'printer-friendly format' or right hand elements, that will be applied to each page in the site.  Note: changes to the template may only be made by the Site Administrator or other authorized administrator. 


  • Login to CommonSpot (see login information)
  • Click on the right hand editing icon (a small lock) at the very top of your page.
  • Select 'template hierarchy' from the list of options
  • Select the first option from the list of templates (it should be labelled with the name of your site)
  • If you are not already in 'author' mode, click on the center editing icon (the eyeglasses) at the very top of the page and select 'author' from the list.
  • Edit your navigation or footer by clicking on the small pencil just above the content you are editing.
Printer-friendly format