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How to modify Rendering Options

Each template (and template-based page) is composed of a group of layout elements.  You can selectively show, hide, or switch between alternate versions of these layout elements. Following a discussion of the default settings and a guide to modifying settings, you will find a list of recommendations for Rendering Options.

Default Settings 

By default the base template has the following render options selected:

Base template render optionsBreadcrumb trail - Occupies a full row across the top of the page, above the subsite title image.  The navigation trail is built dynamically, reflecting the location of page within the SCU site's directory structure.

Left column - The primary and secondary navigation menus occupy the left column.

Main Navigation - Full - The "full" version of the main navigation links is displayed horizontally across the top of the page, above the Breadcrumb trail.  The links in the main menu are the "about" group, with popup menus that link to subsites.

Right column display - Includes marketing content and secondary page content.

Search Form - A query submitted through this form will be matched first against the site index database, followed by the Google search index.

Title - Full - The title image is displayed horizontally across the top of the page.

Utilities - Links to the campus map, directory, site index, and about SCU sites are displayed at the top of the page, adjacent to the search form.

Modifying Settings

To modify the rendering options, follow these steps:

  1. Open the subsite template (or page, if the rendering options will not apply site-wide) and switch to Author Mode.
  2. Under Page and Template Management menu (top-right icon), select Page Properties.
  3. In the Page Properties form, click the Rendering Options button.
  4. A form will appear, displaying the currently selected rendering options. Check or un-check rendering options as needed.
  5. Click "OK" to apply the rendering options.
  6. To be sure that all pages within your site are updated, we recommend logging in to your subsite administration pages, and clearing the site cache.

Breadcrumb trail - The Breadcrumb - Content Well option will display a link to the home page of the current subsite and the title of the page being displayed.  If the page being displayed is the current subsite's homepage, the Content Well option will display a link to the parent subsite's home page and the title of the current page. Both Breadcrumb components are considered optional. 

Main Navigation - The option for hiding the full navigation menu and showing the compact version is currently being evaluated on several high-visibility SCU sites.  The evaluation process began in mid-June 2004, and will continue for about a month. Unless you have discussed modifying this option with the Office of Communications and Marketing, please use the Main Navigation - Full option until the evaluation process is complete.

Title - The Title - Compact option, intended to conserve page "real estate", is in development but not yet complete.  This option will likely be enabled during the summer of 2004.

Left Column - If un-checked, the left column will be hidden.  This option is intended for pages that do not have a primary navigation menu (such as a registration form), or page content that requires maximum horizontal display space (such as a multi-column table).  If you hide the Left Column on a page that would otherwise include primary navigation, be sure to include one of the Breadcrumb trail options.

Right Column - The right column is optional.  If the page content requires more horizontal space for display, un-check the Right column display option.

Required - The Main Navigation and Title components must be visible in one form or another.  The Utilities option may be hidden if it is not modified to use local utility navigation links and the Main Navigation - Compact option is selected, but is otherwise required. (The "find" links in the Main - Compact option duplicate the Utility links.)  The Breadcrumb - Content Well option is required in pages that do not display the Left Column.  The Search form is a required component, but can be edited to search locally within an SCU site instead of globally across all sites.

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