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Related Links

There are two ways to insert "Related Links". The first is as an element is the Content Well and the second is from the HTML Snippett in the Rich Text Editor.

Related Links Element

1. To begin, you must be in "Author Mode."

2. Click to add a new element and choose "Content Well" -> "Related Links."

3. Click on the Pencil above the new Related Links bar and choose "Edit Link Bar..."

4. A new window will open displaying the existing links and the option to add a new link.  This is the LinkBar window.  This is similar to other LinkBar windows you have seen.

5. To set a header for a group of links click the pencil icon and choose "Edit Link."  Choose the title you want, but do not link it to anything and just click finish instead.

Note: Unlinked and Linked items behave differently.  In the example below, the first item in the list has no link and the second does.



6. To create a linked item, in the LinkBar window, click the text instructing to "Click here to add a new entry."

7. Enter the title and click next.  Then follow the linking instruction guide starting on step 4:
Step by Step Guide to Linking

8. To finish up, click the yellow circle and choose to "Submit Entire Page for Publication."

Related Links in the Rich Text Editor

1. Open the Rich Text Editor Window and click the "HTML Snippet" icon.  It will look like this:

2. From the pull down menu, choose Related Links.

3. To insert a new row, right-click on the Link Name text and choose insert row.  Then click OK.

4. The new row will not have the arrow icon and it will have to be copied from the orginal cell and pasted in the new one.


5. Enter the Link Name and type in a description or URL.

6. Highlight the Link Name along with the Arrow image and link those to the desired site using the Linking Guide:
Step by Step Guide to Linking

7. Although it only looks like a table, it will have the Related Links format outside the Rich Text Editor.

Related links
Link Name Go Link URL or Description

Printer-friendly format