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How to lock a template 

Locking a part of template restricts the ability to make changes to that specific part on any page that is based on the template.


  • Helps keep uniform look in your site
  • Prevent users from making changes where they are not allowed
  • Avoid inadvertant changes that change template inheritance.  If a user changes the left navigation on an individual page, the left navigation will no longer update when the template does, even if you change it back to look exactly the same.

Template Inheritance Security settings can be applied to individual elements or to a table in the template.

How to:

  1. Log in to Commonspot and navigate to the template that you want to lock. (See editing your template for instructions)
  2. Change to author mode
  3. Click the  "Edit Properties" Button Element Properties Button above the item, or the "Table Properties" Button Table Propertiesthat you want to lock and select "Element Inheritance Security"
  4. On the menu that comes up you will have three sets of options for setting template security.  The first is to restrict certain rights for all users, the second and third to grant access to certain groups or users.  We recommend making changes only to the first section.  There are four conditions that can be restricted to the template, selecting all four will prevent any changes on individual pages.
    • Author/Edit ability (removes pencil icon, or the cell editing icon if applied to a table)
    • Style changes (removes the option to make style changes)
    • Design Changes (removes "Layout Properties", and "Custom Render Handler" options)
    • Admin ability (removes the thee stacked blue lines icon, or the Tabular Layout icon if applied to a table)
  5. There are no changes to submit, the changes take place right away.
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