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Managing Page and SubSite Cache Files

Commonspot creates a cache file copy of a page the first time it is requested from the server following the publication of a new or updated page on the cms server. This helps Commonspot deliver pages on the servers more rapidly; the system doesn't need to get updated data from the database every time the page is requested - it just builds a copy of the page following a change published from the cms server.

Sometimes a previously-created cache file isn't cleared from the www servers when you update a page and publish the change in Commonspot; you'll notice this if a published change appears to revert back to an older version on (when one of the www servers hasn't updated the cache file), or a change published in Commonspot isn't displayed on www after several hours have elapsed. Here are two methods for managing Commonspot cache files:

Subsite Cache

Site administrators can access a form that will clear all cache files for a subsite (and any subsites within it). You will find this form via the Subsite Administration page in any subsite:[subsite]/admin.cfm

Click the Subsite Properties link, then the "...configure this site's subsite properties" link.

Click "Caching" to expand that section, and click the "Clear Cache" button to clear all cache files previously built for this subsite, and any subsites located within it.

While you're in this section of the Subsite Administration, verify that none of the checkboxes next to the various Web browser names are checked. Commonspot's authoring performance will be a little faster if these options are not checked.

Page Cache

If you want to clear the cache for a single page (or you don't have subsite administration rights), look for the "clear and update cache" link in the "page and template managment" (top-right icon) menu. This will only update a cache file if browser cache options are selected for the subsite (not recommended). 

Once the subsite or page cache files are cleared on the cms server, the same cache clearing process will occur the next time Commonspot replication runs on the servers. That should clear up the persistence of any outdated cache files on www.

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