Santa Clara University


Getting Started

Creating a Subsite

The presentation of subsite administration options changes quite a bit in Commonspot 6. Menu options that were somewhat hidden in CS 5 have been surfaced in the new version, allowing Site Administrators to access subsite settings and content more directly. To create a new Subsite, select Subsite Administration from the menu in the upper right corner, or from the Admin tab in the My Commonspot toolbar.


In the Subsite Administration view you'll see information about the current subsite, a list of any subsites below this level, and a link to create a new subsite. If you need to create your new subsite in a different location, you can browse to that location using the breadcrumb trail links above the subsite information, or by clicking the folder icon next to the current subsite's URL.


Below the current subsite administration form you'll see a New Subsite link. Click that to create a new subsite in this location.


Enter the subsite directory name, description and label.


When this form is submitted, you'll see the new subsite listed in the parent subsite's display. Click the child subsite name or the edit Action icon to complete the configuration for this subsite.


Check the General and Content Security settings for the new subsite, and alter user and group assignments if they differ from those set for the parent subsite.