Santa Clara University


Getting Started

Logging in to Commonspot

You'll log in to Commonspot 6 in the same way you have done in version 5; add "login.cfm" to the subsite directory path:

The login form looks a bit different; we'll discuss the "My Commonspot" check box a bit later.


Commonspot Menus

The main differences you'll see in the new version of Commonspot are related to the way menus are displayed after logging in.  In Commonspot 5, you would see three tabs across the top of the page for Tools and Information, Page View, and Properties and Actions menus.


In the new version, after logging in you'll see a semi-transparent icon in the top-right corner of the page:


Click the icon to display the available options:


A typical Commonspot activity would be logging in to edit text on an existing page. To do that, you would log in, browse to the page, click the Commonspot icon and select "Work on this Page" from the menu.  We'll describe page editing in more detail.