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Getting Started

Adding and editing links

A notable difference between Commonspot 5 and 6 is visible when adding or editing a link. While the actions are similar, Commonspot 6 presents the link destination options differently. In this example, we'll create a text link to the site's home page.

Select text and click the Link icon in the text editor toolbar to begin. This will open the Insert Formatted Text Block Link form:


The form has pre-selected the Link Type as "Page or Bookmark on Page", which would be the most common choice. Other options include linking to a new page created from a template, a new uploaded file, and image, or an email address. Instead of the Page Gallery or Page Finder we used in Commonspot 5, we now have the option to choose a page from the current subsite, or click Choose... to select a page in a different subsite. That's what we'll select here, because the site's home page is one level above our current subsite location.


With the "cs6" subsite highlighted, we'll click Search to see a listing of pages in this subsite.


We'll select the "Introduction to Commonspot 6" page and click Use Highlighted Page to select the page as our link destination.


The link has now been set - click Save in the Insert Formatted Text Block Link form.