Santa Clara University


Getting Started

Editing a Page

As described in the Logging In page, once you're logged in you'll see an icon in the upper-right corner of the page.


Click the icon to display the available options:


To edit the current page, select Work on this Page - that's basically the same as selecting the "Author Mode" option in the Page View menu in Commonspot 5. The page will be redisplayed with some additional menu options at the top.


These menus provide access to page and subsite administration menus. But for our current task, just editing content on an existing page, you won't need to use these menu options. Just click the element in the page that you want to edit, and proceed. Commonspot 6 introduces some changes in the forms presented for adding and editing links, creating new pages, and uploading images. Submit your change for publication, and click the blue X in the upper right corner to leave the Commonspot authoring interface.