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Commonspot Image Gallery

Uploading Images and Keyword Requirements

screenshot of image gallery upload dialog
Description field

In this field you should type a brief description of the image. The description is used as the default alternate text for the image.

Example: "Student descends staircase in the Arts & Sciences building".


Select from the following nine categories only:

  • Campus
  • Students
  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Faculty & Staff
  • Alumni
  • Events
  • Icons & Logos
  • Maps & Charts

Keywords are important for images in CommonSpot's Image Gallery because they enable users to easily search for a certain type of image using the keywords. The keywords, as opposed to the file name, are what organize images in the system.

The keywords must include one of the category names, one or two descriptive words, and one of the five possible image sizes. Keywords should be entered in all lower-case single words, in a comma-delimited string, with a space after each comma.

Example: campus, benson, fountain, md

Keyword 1 (use one of the 9 below categories):
  • campus
  • students
  • academics
  • athletics
  • faculty -or- staff
  • alumni
  • events
  • icon -or- logo
  • map -or- chart

* Even though the category will be selected from a pull down menu, it should also be included at the beginning of the keywords list.

Keyword 2 (use a word that further describes the image):
  • campus, building name or location
  • students, context or student name
  • academics, department
  • athletics, sport name
  • faculty, name
  • alumni, name
  • events, event name
  • icon, of what
  • logo, of what
Keyword 3 (use another word that further describes the image):
  • academics, engineering, graduate
  • athletics, basketball, women
  • students, headshot, anderson
Keyword 4 (image size):
  • th = thumbnail (57 pixels wide x 57 pixels tall) - Example: academics, psychology, dove, th
  • xs = extra small (100 pixels wide) - Example: campus, mission, garden, xs
  • sm = small (140 pixels wide) - Example: students, dorm, sm
  • md = medium (210 pixels wide) - Example: athletics, soccer, women, md
  • lg = large (420 pixels wide) - Example: faculty, turley, history, lg

Communication Department students

Category: Academics

Description: Communication Department students

Keywords: academics, communication, media, lg

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